Wright Smiles Pediatric Dentistry - Associate Doctors - Viola Devany, M.D.
Dr. Viola Devany

Dr. Viola Devany is a board certified and licensed anesthesiologist who has been practicing office-based sedation for over 12 years. Dr. Devany has been on the teaching staff at Emory University, University of Cincinnati and Columbus Children’s.


  • Graduate of The Ohio State Univeristy School of Medicine
  • Residencies at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas and North Carolina Memorial Hospital
  • Fellowship at Emory University School of Medicine.
Dr. Viola Devany (affectionately known as Dr. Vi) graduated from Kent State University with bachelor's degrees in chemistry and biology in 1977. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine in 1980 and went on to complete her Pediatrics residency at Dallas Children's Hospital in 1984. She subsequently finished her anesthesia training by completing her anesthesia residency at UNC Chapel Hill in 1986 and her fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at Emory University in 1987. Dr. Devany has been as Anesthesiologist practicing Office Based Anesthesia since 1997.

The Super Smile Team

The Super Smile Team’s quest? To fight for good oral health by following this simple rule, “2min2x.” That’s code for “brush your teeth two minutes, two times a day.”

Meet K-9! He’s a frisky pup who cares as much about good oral health as his buddies Flossy and Buck McGrinn, and Den and Gen Smiley.

One day the whole gang decided to play super heroes. They put on capes, made costumes, struck super hero poses and became The Super Smile Team! Even K-9 got in on the act!

Flossy, Buck, Den, and Gen know the importance of good dental habits to keep their super smiles bright. They brush their teeth when they get up in the morning and again before they go to bed at night. They also floss their teeth once each day. Because Den wears braces, he is especially careful about keeping his teeth healthy so he has a sparkly smile when the braces come off.

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